I help the 80% of mid-lifers who dream of making a career change, become one of the 6% who successfully achieve it.

You clicked the career button, so there’s something you want to change in your job, right? Well it’s great that you noticed that things are not quite right and that you could be happier in your career, because I can help you.

Let me tell you about Celine. Celine is a lady in her mid-forties; a little on the round side of healthy, just like me if I’m honest! She regularly does sport, not like me! But being French she loves her food a little more than she should.

We worked together in the business world for a couple of years, but I soon realized that a corporate job would never make her happy.

I suggested she search for a job that would meet her desire of working with animals. A few months later, she told me that she had taken my advice and was training to be an animal communication expert.

Today Celine works across the globe, despite not having a website. Her business has grown through word of mouth, and word of mouth alone. She finds lost pets and advises owners on the behavioral issues of their companions. (their pets not their partners!) Celine is not only successful, but more importantly she is happy.

When I last caught up with her and asked what she was doing these days, she excitedly shared her recent success stories.

“I just found a dog that got lost three months ago, for a couple living in San Paolo. And a lady in Montreal whose horse was lame, sent me a picture of her thoroughbred and I was able to explain why the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with the animal. The horse was limping because he didn’t like his new jockey! The lady hired a new jockey for the horse, and he won his first race in over a year, just last month.”


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Are you taking the easy way out in your career?

Do you want to change your job like Celine did?  OK, perhaps not by talking to animals! But whatever you want to do, I know I can help you. Let me explain.

I have been a corporate high-flyer my whole career. Working for many of the leading global multinationals, I know the stress of an international career, as well as the struggles and successes of entrepreneurship. After ten years as an independent consultant, I accepted my calling as an intuitive coach and am thrilled by the results my clients obtain.

You may have worked with a coach in the past, but didn’t get the results you hoped for. But I know why. You see, using the usual approaches of standard coaches, gets you the standard suggestions that don’t work for most people. You need answers that are personalised to you and your situation, to your own talents and preferences.

Did you know that about 80% of people aged 45 and over, think about changing careers, but just 6% go through with it? I was one of the lucky ones, I changed jobs at 53! So if I can do it, and some of my clients have done so when they were even older, then you can do it too.

On some level, I think that most people get to a point in their careers, where they have grown comfortable with where they are. Even if things aren’t great, they think it’s too late to change and just accept their situation, even when they are unhappy. Is this your case? I’m sure that even so, deep down, you know that you deserve better and would love to be happier in your job!

If this all sounds familiar, it might be time to consider taking a new look at your career. It was exactly the situation that Celine was in when she came to me. I showed her that she was going after jobs that didn’t interest her. That was why she never got hired or wasn’t happy in the positions she did get. We identified what she really wanted to do with her natural preferences and talents and now she’s happier than she ever thought possible.

I believe that if you’re going to spend 90,000 hours – let me repeat that, 90,000 hours over your lifetime working – then you may as well do something that makes you feel happy and fulfilled, right?

So why are you still struggling in a job that doesn’t bring you joy? It’s time for change.

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