You clicked the career button, so there is something you want to change in your job, right? Well that’s great that you already noticed that things are not quite right and that you could be happier in your career. I can help you in finding your happy career.

Let me tell you about Celine. Celine is a lady in her mid-forties; a little on the round side of healthy, just like me if I’m honest! She regularly does sport, not like me, but being French she loves her food a little more than she should.

We worked together for many years in the corporate world. She’d had a mixed career, changing jobs every few years. When I asked her about all her moves, she explained:

“Well one was a layoff when the company was taken over; another was after I changed bosses; and the last job I just got frustrated with the work I was being asked to do.”

Shortly after I hired her, I recognized that she lacked confidence in herself.
She was very capable and yet she always volunteered for the simplest, most repetitive tasks. She wasn’t pushing herself,she didn’t believe in herself, and she wasn’t growing in experience – or salary!

She was clearly capable of much more than even she believed herself. So, I encouraged her to take on an important project that she could easily manage. After promising to guide her and with some persuasion, she finally agreed, and then delivered exceptional results.

The success boosted her confidence no end; but it didn’t last long.  She was soon back to her usual behaviour. Taking the easy way out. She had lost the spark the success had given her. It was then that I realized that the corporate world was never going to provide her with what she deeply desired. A real purpose in life.

She left the company and we spoke about what she was going to do. She wanted to work with animals and volunteered for several non-profit associations in the hope of getting hired. She wasn’t. So she went back to the corporate world, despite my advice to follow her own intuition.

We continued to meet, and I encouraged her to search for a job that enables her to satisfy her desire of working with animals. I just knew that this is how she would find happiness, a fulfilling job that also paid her enough to live comfortably.

Just a few months later,she told me that she was taking my advice and was following a course in animal communication. I was a little surprised, as she had never spoken about this. She explained that she had contacted someone to help with her own cat’s behavioral issues. She remembered my advice and found herself drawn to learning how to help others by doing the same.

Both she and I were amazed not only by how quickly she was able to connect with her client’s animals, but also by the immediate success she was having. We used to joke about how her destiny was getting paid to talk to dogs … and cats and horses and hamsters and many other animals. Imagine how you would feel if I gave you such advice!

Today Celine works across the globe, despite having no website. Through word of mouth, she has more than enough clients to keep her busy.  She finds lost pets.  She consults owners on the behavioral issues of their companions.
She is now an active, engaged communicator, talking to animals …
and she’s never been happier.

When I last caught up with her and asked what she was doing these days, she excitedly shared her recent success stories.

“I just found a dog that got lost three months ago, for a couple living in San Paolo. And a lady in Montreal whose horse was lame, sent me a picture of her thoroughbred and I was able to explain why the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with the animal. The horse was limping because he didn’t like his new jockey! The lady hired a new jockey for the horse, and he won his first race in over a year, just last month.”

Are you taking the easy way out in your career?
Doyou want to change your life as Celine did?  OK not talking to animals, but whatever you want, I’m sure you can do it. But how?
Well, using the usual approaches other consultants use, often gets you to the usual suggestions that haven’t worked for you so far.
Know that you’re not weak if you can’t make monumental changes on your own.

Wouldn’t it be great to see your situation from a unique perspective?

Do you know that about 80% of people aged 45 and over, think about changing careers, but just 6% go through with it. I was one of the lucky ones, I changed jobs at 53! On some level, I think that most people get to a point in their careers, where they have grown comfortable with where they are. Even if things aren’t great, they’re relaxed knowing what to expect.

Is this your case? If it is, then I bet that deep down, you know you deserve better. This is one case where good enough is far from acceptable.

If this all sounds familiar, it might be time to consider reviewing your career. It was exactly the situation that Celine was in, until I showed her that she was going after jobs that didn’t interest her. I got her to go for what she really wanted and now she’s happier than she ever thought possible.

I believe that if you’re going to spend 90,000 hours working – let me repeat that, 90,000 hours over your lifetime working – then you may as well do work that makes you feel happy and fulfilled, right?

After all that’s more than twice the time you spend driving your car over a lifetime and think how carefully you choose your automobile. You compare offers before buying it. You change it when it no longer fits your lifestyle, when you feel you deserve something better. Shouldn’t you be doing the same for your work? So why are you still struggling in a job that doesn’t bring you joy?

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