I help lonely mid-lifers find lasting love and friendship, by identifying and using the gifts they were born with.

You clicked the relationship button, so there is something you want to change in your relationships with your partner, friends or family, right? Well, that’s great that you already noticed that things are not quite right and that you could be happier in your relationships. I can help you in finding your happy relationships.

Bella was a young woman who was curious and driven to experience as much as she could in life. However, these experiences didn’t include romantic relationships. She had never had a long-term relationship despite being in her mid-twenties when I met her.

Whenever we met, she would share her thoughts on love and her hope of finding the ideal man. She wrote a list of what she was looking for in a man. Have you ever done that? While I think it is good to become focused on what we want in a partner, sticking too closely to the list and rejecting people that didn’t meet all the criteria can mean missing a great opportunity.

Bella understood this but she went to the opposite extreme and accepted invitations from men who met maybe just one or two of her criteria on the list. As a result, she went out with one man who was almost twice her age, a second who was much younger than her. And in your twenties, those few years make a huge difference in maturity in most cases.

So, we worked together or how she could meet men who were both age-appropriate and had more of the traits she was looking for. I asked what she liked doing as a child and she told me she loved to learn. So, I suggested she take advantage of this passion and join a club or two. She again applied herself 200% to doing this task. Bella joined many clubs, learnt yoga and Pilates, nutrition and dressmaking.

When we next met up, I asked how she was doing, had she met any men that she was attracted to. She told me no; most of the participants in her courses were women.

The next plan was to get her to go out with friends in the evening. She told me it was impossible with all the courses she was taking and the homework she had to do. I got the feeling that she was scared. What was going on? After a long list of reasons why she couldn’t socialize more, she finally told me the real reason. If she found the man of her dreams, she realized they would eventually get intimate and she felt embarrassed that she was still a virgin. I explained that the right man would not only respect her but admire her for her choice.

This gave her the confidence to finally go out and enjoy herself with her friends a couple of times a week. I was not surprised to learn that she had met someone special a few months later. Their relationship blossomed. They moved in together within the year and I am expecting a wedding invitation any day now.

So how did I help her go from a twenty-something singleton to an almost thirty-something in a loving relationship? Using my process and powerful intuition to increase her own.

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