Are you ready to welcome more joy into your life, find a fulfilling career and experience closer relationships? If so, then the PAINT™ program will provide you with a simple 5-step process that will help you be happier and live a more contented life.

If you are committed to making this a reality, then let us accompany you on this 6-week journey that will transform your life.

Through focused actions and practical exercises chosen just for you and your current situation, your will be amazed by the results you can already achieve in less than two months:

    • A clear understanding of why you are where you are today
    • A detailed action plan to bring positive changes more rapidly than you ever thought possible.
    • Lasting learnings so you are better equipped to face future challenges and solve them rather than suffering.

We make everything simple for you to follow as the program includes private 1-2-1 weekly calls, and a workbook of exercises to complete between your sessions, so your training brings real results faster than any other method.

In addition to the full 6-week program, we also offer a variety of personal coaching services, from one-hour booster sessions to full 12-week programs on topics such as “Succeeding your career transition” and “PAINT™ your life colourful.”

At the end of each of the programs, you will have a precise understanding of the talents and gifts you should be using to be happier in your career and life, as well as a detailed plan to live the life of your dreams.

In addition to the two intuitive programs mentioned above, which are our most popular, we also have other coaching offers to meet your precise needs. So if you are looking for more happiness in any area of your life, please book a complimentary Happiness Coaching Session so you can try before you buy!


We regularly run both LIVE and recorded FREE coaching and training sessions on a variety of topics to boost your happiness.

See EVENTS for more on these.

Due to the high demand for these, we suggest you sign up early for those that are of most interest to you in solving your current challenges. The space is limited on purpose to ensure an intimate and personalized exchange. This also allows everyone’s intuition to be amplified as we work together.