We offer a variety of personal coaching services, from one-hour booster sessions to full six and 12-week programs such as “Succeeding Your Career Transition” and “PAINT™ Your Life Colourful.”

The programs include weekly 1-2 hour personal coaching sessions covering each step of our unique PAINT™ process.

At the end of the programs, you will have a precise understanding of the talents and gifts you should be using to be happier in your career and life, as well as a detailed plan to live the life of your dreams.

In addition to the two intuitive programs mentioned above, which are our most popular, we also have other coaching offers to meet your precise needs. So if you are looking for more happiness in any area of your life, please ask for a complimentary coaching session so you can try before you buy!

Our partners also offer both individual and ongoing support to precisely meet certain of your needs once we have identified them. However, we do advise you to complete at least one session with Denyse to prioritize your development needs and improving your intuition before working with one of our partners.

More information on each of our partners and their specialities can be found on the ABOUT US page.


We regularly run both LIVE and recorded FREE coaching and training sessions on a variety of topics to boost your happiness.

Due to the high demand for these, we suggest you sign up early for those that are of most interest to you in solving your current challenges. The space is limited on purpose to ensure an intimate and personalized exchange. This also allows everyone’s intuition to be amplified as we work together.

There is a library of video and audio recordings in our RESOURCES section. We regularly add content, so we advise you to reference it frequently, and not just when you are facing a new challenge in your life.