Meet Denyse

Meet Denyse

Your Intuitive Support for Solving Life’s Challenges.

People are my Passion, Customers my Inspiration, the Universe my Home.

As someone who has smashed through the corporate glass ceiling at several multinationals (before being fired), suffered a serious hiking accident in the Alps, recovered from a life-threatening illness and almost died on the operating table because of an impossible medical error, I’ve had more than my share of crises in my life.

But I am an optimist who thinks that we all deserve to be happy, whatever life throws at us. I believe that the challenges we are given, are precisely what we need at that moment to help us to learn and grow. Whatever crossroads you are at in your life, you can make the right choices.

I take great pleasure in shining a light on the darkest moments of people’s lives, showing them how to find their way out and back onto the path they were destined to follow.

I am an intuitive coach who refused my gifts as a child so I would fit in. But after decades of receiving messages for myself and others, I have finally embraced my talent openly. Today I use my abilities to help those who seek more happiness in their lives.

Now you may be asking how that differs from a regular coach? Well, an intuitive coach is someone who follows the principles of traditional coaching (I’m a certified Life Coach) but who also enables you to connect with your own inner guidance. By using your innate intuition, amplified by my intuitive powers, you will be able to tap into your natural talents and discover the destined path to your happiest life ever.

And if all this sounds a bit woo-hoo, don’t worry. As you can see from my photo, I’m not a long-haired, flowing-robed, bead-wearing weirdo, I’m a completely normal person. Remember, I’ve been a corporate businesswoman all my life, even though deep down I knew it was not fulfilling and that something bigger was waiting for me.

This is for you if you’re unhappy or going through a crisis in your life, who needs support to find back the path to a happier life and recover the joy of living. If you…


Are working too hard, yet still don’t get the recognition you think you deserve.


Long for deeper relationships with your partner and friends or are still looking for that “special someone.”


Are suffering from continued poor health, lack of energy and motivation.


Have been searching for your life’s purpose, but still feel unfulfilled.


Are just plain unhappy with your life.


Feel unhappy because you are not living the life you dreamed of as a child.

Then it’s time to do something about it. When you make the decision to find yourself happiness, whatever that is for you, things will change. And you can learn how to tap into your own intuition for the answers to all life’s challenges.

Your Support Team.

Anne Morrissey
Image & Personal Style Expert
Anne works with people to develop their personal style in business and in life.

Your style speaks before you do, so it's important to make sure it represents the best version of yourself.

Working with Anne one-on-one in her various Style Coaching Programs is always a fun, eye-opening experience in transformation. She sees what's already good about your appearance and then maximizes it in a way you could not do on your own! Anne believes that when you look good, you feel good and that feeling has amazing ripple effects into every area of your life.

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Isabele Marques
Physiotherapist et nutritionist

Supports you in Finding Your Happy Body.  

Speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Arkaitz Eskarmendi
Certified Somatic Experience and Monroe Institute Trainer
Helps people improve their lives with coaching, hypnosis, BrainSynchÔ   and other advanced techniques. Supports you in Finding Your Happy Spirit.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Monroe Institute residential Trainer, NLP Coach, Wingwave Coach, and hypnotherapist. After more than a decade of facilitating deeply transformative processes for groups and individuals, Arkaitz has developed a thorough understanding of the root causes of emotional, mental, and physical imbalances.

We are all unique therefore, a personalized and dynamic approach is key for finding the right combination of tools that will allow each person to restore balance, coherence, and harmony in their lives. Supports you in Finding Your Happy Spirit.

Speaks English, Spanish, and Basque.

Pauline Tafelmacher
Supports you in Finding Your Happy Mind.

Psychologist, certified in both Language & Literature and Psychology.

Supports you in Finding Your Happy Mind, by working on your Life Narrative: once you have discovered and explored the main patterns that compose your Life when you unfold it as a Narrative, you can take the lead and become the author of the Story you now wish to write.

Speaks French and English.

Bill Graham
Communications expert and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Supports you in Finding Your Happy Relationships / Life-path.

Why is likeability important? Most people don’t listen to you if they don’t like you. If they don’t listen, you can’t communicate.

People cannot improve their IQ, but they can learn to be more likable. You can improve the impression you leave with others.

Bill Graham will tell you that he is not naturally likable. He had to learn how to be likable. For the past 15 years, Bill has helped professionals in every industry and on every continent to improve their likeability and, ultimately, their communication.

Bill supervised the writing for Procter and Gamble’s American TV soap operas and worked as a theatre director and producer.

One of the keys to likeability is appreciating others. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Bill will help you understand your Strengths and appreciate the Strengths of others.

Jean-Luc Jolliet
Career Governance and Executive Career Advice Coach.
Supports you in Finding Your Happy Career.

Jean-Luc is a graduate of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) and IMD and his thirty-year career has been centered around Leadership, Business Development, and the promotion of Human Capital.

He has a passion for counseling in such areas as career governance, career transition, and executive search, while also holding operational C-level and board membership positions.

Personally motivated by the optimization of human potential, he is an accomplished executive advisor and facilitator with an international background in multiple industries. He brings a proactive, pragmatic, and socially astute competence, that makes a difference to those wanting to advance their careers.

He is open-minded, energetic, and thoughtful with a proven ability to shape and deliver business solutions. He values professionalism, reputation, reliability, and good common sense. In a nutshell a mix of business acumen with the human touch.

Speaks English, French, and Portuguese.